Social Ministries

Hospitality After Mass

Because the parishioners of St. Teresa of Avila see themselves as a community of disciples, it is important to have opportunities to meet with one another and share time and conversation as well as meeting in more formal situations. Coffee and donuts after the 10:00 a.m. Mass each Sunday provide this kind of an opportunity to get together and enjoy one another’s company.

A small group of volunteers pick up and set out the donuts, prepare the coffee, serve those who attend and straighten up after. Any and all parishioners are invited to take a turn helping with this community service. No formal training is needed and almost anyone could take a turn once in a while. If you wish to lend a hand, please call Sister Maureen at the rectory.

Social Committee

The Social Committee of St. Teresa’s Parish is made up of volunteers who meet monthly to plan and coordinate social activities that build up the spirit of the parish family. The Social Committee is a “Fun Raising” group, not a “Fund” Raising group. The Committee welcomes any and all parishioners to become involved in whatever way they can. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:00 p.m. Activities coordinated by the Social Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Pancake Breakfasts
  • “Pot Luck” and other parish dinners
  • Hot Dog Lunch
  • The Pumpkin Decorating Contest for children
  • Hostessing at parish receptions
  • Helping at parish functions such as the annual Retreat Day

Every parishioner is invited to assist as an Event Volunteer. The core committee needs many helpers to have an activity go well. An example is: volunteers are needed to help with the Pancake Breakfasts by serving seconds on pancakes, coffee, etc., helping with the clean-up and/or dishes. How about lending a hand?

Eucharistic Ministries to the Sick and Homebound

The Archdiocese of San Francisco provides workshops to prepare parishioners to be extraordinary Eucharistic ministers to visit the sick and/or homebound and to bring them the Holy Eucharist. Invitations to be trained in this ministry of care are published in the parish bulletin before a training session. Directions on how to apply for training will be in the bulletin.

Parishioners who are trained are available to meet the needs of the parish.


Senior Ministry

The Seniors of St. Teresa’s was formed in 1970 as a group dedicated to providing companionship and building a sense of community. Any parishioner who becomes a senior is welcome to join the group. Each person decides when they have achieved senior status. Joining is as simple as coming to a meeting and saying hello.

The primary purposes of the Senior organization at this time are

  1. to provide social opportunities for their members
  2. to keep in touch with the ill and homebound of the parish
  3. to remember the recently deceased by arranging for a Mass
  4. to prayerfully support the parish
  5. to enjoy the company of one another and the outings
  6. to sponsor or support parish social activities as time and talent allow
  7. to occasionally provide educational opportunities for the members.

To achieve these purposes, the organization members:

  • meet every first Friday of the month for Mass
  • join one another after Mass for a brown bag lunch, dessert and a business meeting
  • send cards to those who are ill, homebound, or have a death or other difficulty in their family
  • arrange to have a Mass offered for the recently deceased
  • plan no-host luncheon outings for the members
  • contribute dues of $20 per calendar year for ordinary needs

Volunteers to Caregivers

We are members of St. Teresa’s de Avila parish that provides volunteers to assist the frail elderly with simple daily tasks allowing them to live, with dignity, where they are most comfortable – in their own homes.

St. Teresa’s Parishoners have come together to provide an effective volunteer caregiving outreach ministry. The volunteers from our congregation make up a pool of volunteers who assist not only members of our congregation but they reach out to others, including those who do not have a church home. This is a natural way for Christians and others of faith to be involved within the community.

These services are provided at no charge. It is the generosity of our donors that makes it possible for us to continue “helping hands with a heart” work throughout the community. We are thankful for the generous supporters of our mission.

The term caregiver refers to anyone who provides assistance to someone else who needs it.


Hospitality After Mass
Senior Ministry
Social Committee
Volunteers to Caregivers
Eucharistic Ministries to the Sick and Homebound