Pastoral Council

St. Teresa’s Pastoral Council serves as an advisory body for the pastor. As the name suggests, the Council aims to foster and support the pastoral health of the parish.  The Council does not manage the parish’s day-to-day activities but identifies key strategies and initiatives on which the parish will focus.  Pastoral Council members meet with the pastor and offer him the wisdom of the community. The Council, comprised of six members each serving a minimum of a 2-year term, is responsible for seeing the bigger picture of the parish and embraces all the pastoral dimensions of the parish.

Key components of the vision of the St. Teresa Pastoral Council include:

  • Growing the Parish
  • Focusing on outreach and invitation
  • Developing community and the community’s spiritual health
  • Serving the parish in new ways
  • Advise and provide council to pastor
  • Social Justice
  • Support parish as it moves towards sustainability (financial and otherwise)

The Pastoral Council meets the second Tuesday of each month.  Minutes of each Council meeting are taken and can be made available upon request. Issues of importance to parishioners may be addressed by contacting any member of the Council.  The current Pastoral Council comprises:



Council Members:

Jim Schelstrate
Victoria Michalchuk
Judy Warnock
Ron Labuguen
Maddie  DeVlieger
Erica Kudyba



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